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My ex husbands green card expired 6 years ago. For the last

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My ex husband's green card expired 6 years ago. For the last 4 years he works but not filled taxes. On the top of this he is behind of child support $ 16000 and was in jail for one day because of child support. Can he renew his green card or he can be send to his country ?
Thank you for your question. Filing taxes would not prevent your former husband from renewing his green card but could subject him to federal criminal taxes penalties or civil penalties.

However, there is potential that the child support incident could be a deportable offense if there is an actual conviction on record. If he was only jailed for contempt of court, it is not likely that he would be deported but both of these issues would most likely prevent him from becoming a US citizen under the good moral character prong of US citizenship.
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