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My husband came to the USA when he was 21 years of age , he

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My husband came to the USA when he was 21 years of age , he is now 40 , he is a Permanant Resident and has been for a little over 5yrs now and would like to apply for Citizenship. But he has now found out he was suppose to have registered with the selective service of which up until now did not know he had to since he was here illigally. Is there anything he can do to still become a Citizen?
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Between the ages of 21 - 26, what was his immigration status in the US?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

He had a temporary work permit under political assylum.


Thanks for the information.

I just realized something - he is 40 now. That means he can apply for naturalization, even if he never registered before.

The requirement to register is and failure to do so show that the person lacks the requisite good moral character to apply for naturalization. And of course eligibility for naturalization requires that a person show good moral character for the 5 years preceding application for naturalization. So if a person doesn't register, then the 5 years of good moral character starts after the age of 26. What this means is, by the time the person turns 31, if he has shown good moral character, then he is eligible to apply for naturalization. In this case, the person in question is 40, and so it has been 14 years since he was required to register. If he has maintained good moral character in the past 5 years, then he should be fine to apply for naturalization.

Although I don't believe it it required in this case, it might help if he has the following, to show that his failure was not willful and with knowledge:

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you this is a big help!!!!

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