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Hi, I was with employer A and got my I-140 approved on EB3.

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I was with employer A and got my I-140 approved on EB3. I changed my employer to B to port to EB2, my emmployer B has applied for labor 2 years back and it was audited. since it went to audit and was taking more time, my employer has repplied the application and its about more than 3 months now, generally by what time I can expect my labor or is there any way I can check the status or find out whats going on?.
At what point in the process is your employer? Has he advertised, etc.?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, the advertisement and other formalities are done

Thanks for the information and sorry for the delay. I was working with other customers whose questions appeared prior to yours. My apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.

QUESTION: generally by what time I can expect my labor or is there any way I can check the status or find out whats going on?

ANSWER: Usually, from the point that you're already at, most PERM cases take around 3-7 months, depending on the number of pending cases at its processing centers.

As far as checking on the status, you cannot do it, since PERM is not yours, but your employer's. But the employer can, and should, check about once a month, to find out the current status.

The employer can do so by using the Permanent Case Management System, and compare its filing date, i.e., the date the application was submitted for processing, to the PERM processing times posted on the iCERT Visa Portal System ( If there is more than a 30-day difference between the employer's filing date and the PERM processing time, the employer may contact the National Processing Center (NPC) for a status update.

An employer who filed a labor certification application via mail may contact the National Processing Center's Help Desk at(NNN) NNN-NNNNfor a status update.

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