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Ely, Counselor at Law
Category: Immigration Law
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I want to ask how my Indian born love of my life can best

Customer Question

I want to ask how my Indian born love of my life can best come to the USA? Is it possible? As immigrant…as worker.??Are all worker visa used for this year? Are there temporary work visa(I heard they are separate types that are immediate, can be processed anytime? Can he come on business opportunity visa to look for work? I can’t stand hearing all this confusing stuff anymore (sorry!!) we have been researching for a year, and we are desperate to be together.

Is there any type chance in a reasonable time period (year or less) or should we give up on USA and find another country where we both can live?


!. Due to religious reasons and arranged marriages in India and very traditionally in his village, he cannot travel on fiancée or spousal visa. He was put in marriage as a child on paper only. There is no living arrangement children or ceremony. They do not live together. He cannot escape this contract without severe social ramification to his family. He is Brahman (highest religious caste-they are not allowed for divorce(In religious Hindu law). This is a shame. They are both expected to live without love or relationship if they don’t choose to live together. They are to live with parents and serve them rest of life.
We thought about Asylum…but does that mean he cannot go back and visit his family?

2. He is well educated. He has Education BA and a Masters in computer application. USA equivalent 4 year MIT. He is 30 years old and in good standing with job and land in India. He has been employed since the age of 15.

should I try employment agencies??? Or is this a waste of time also?? Do you know of any that specialize recruiting foreigners and are ready and willing to process paper work. He is well qualified, however I cannot find anyone willing to suffer all the endless red tape on his behalf, Even friends!!

I am at my wits end!!. I am pretty well versed in immigration law at this point,(lol) especially for average American citizen.

It seems the laws say come and do not come same time. I am tired of circle. It seems they say do not lie, then allow for status change once you are here. You are probably monitored and can’t even answer this question

Straight up fact for chance and best possible chance is all I would like to hear at this point.

Do you think contacting local Indian community is good way(as employer?)
Iam sure you are aware of the most popular form of getting in US for Indians.

I ‘m sure your dealing with frustrated people all the time. I had no idea it was this hard either. I look around in this country and people are here from all over!! Why does it seem more difficult for some? Especially Indians? They are very hard working…high earning US citizens. (Iam pretty sure they have highest per capita income as US foreign citizens)

what is timeline for straight up…Immigration process from India. Do we even allow then to come here on this visa. ? Does it even happen this way anymore? When he goes to his embassy they laugh in his face and say forget USA you can never go.

I have home family and good job here…but this is real time tested love and we must find a way to be together. If have to leave this country to do it I will. It’s just sad that people come here illegal all day long and are allowed to change status, file for protection, live and work here someone trying to do right , has good education for work…and will pay taxes cannot and suffers. I am about to lose my mind!

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Fran-mod replied 4 years ago.
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