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Hi, I am a winner of 2013 DV lottery. In my interview, the

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Hi, I am a winner of 2013 DV lottery. In my interview, the counselor has refused to issue the visa and asked me to provide an affidavit of support on form I-134 and the sponsor ITR and W2.
Unfortunately i have no one in the states who can support me with these requirements. I am willing to pay any fees to get someone sponsor me.

Do you have any one who can support me
Unfortunately, there are not organizations or individuals that accept payment to sponsor foreign nationals. Further, compensating a person to assist with an immigration benefit is not legal.

US immigration law presumes rightfully or wrongfully that any foreign national who wishes to enter the United States pursuant to the Diversity Visa Lottery program is able to locate a sponsor with respect to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent who is at least 18 years old.

Usually, sponsors are generally friends or relatives but a key point to keep in mind with respect to the I-134 is that it is not a binding contract so there is very little risk if any if a person signs on your behalf. Many people incorrectly assume that the I-134 or I-864 results in personal liability for the sponsor if the beneficiary does not pay credit cards or other consumer debt.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your answer. Another clarification please. What kind of financial assets acceptable to the counselor to reconsider my financial capabilities

You are welcome. To ensure that I understand your question correctly, do you mean the amount of income needed for your sponsor to show for the I-134?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, this is not what i meant. In my refusal letter, they mentioned that i have to paths to take; to provide the affidavit of support or to provide other means of financial support like bank statements ( i have provided a bank statement with $25 K but they asked for $120K) or any other financial assets. My question is what kind of assets could be acceptable by them

i.e lands, cars, apartments.. etc. and what are the conditions

Thank you for your clarification. The general rule would be assets that could be easily converted to cash within one year which could include cars, jewelry, other personal property, and real estate under certain conditions. Further, assets are generally considered at a rate of 5X the income needed so if you needed 100k to qualify, you would need to show assets of 500k.

Income may be considered if the income will continue after you immigrate to the United States. It would probably be to your advantage to retain an immigration to assist with responding to the refusal letter because it is very critical that your response is prepared properly in order to begin your immigration process.
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