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Hi I have recently come back from the states after my f-1 reinstatement

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Hi I have recently come back from the states after my f-1 reinstatement was deemed abandoned. I have stayed in the usa less than 180 days, but had to stay about 100 days or so due to me needing surgery on my knee. I have all the medical documents required, my question is, would I need them when I am applying for a new f-1 to explain that my overstay was not for just wanting to stay or work?
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Yes. The overstay, even though it was less than 180 days, was an overstay, and therefore could be the basis for denial of the new F-1. Remember that the 180 days threshold is relevant for how long you could be considered inadmissible to the US; but any amount of overstay could lead to denial of a visa or admission to the US.


A medical condition could be helpful in helping you overcome a previous overstay, so having the documentation to support your claim that you had a medical condition would be very important in your quest for a new F-1.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you very much for your help! I know that there is a chance I may be denied, but I just wanted to make sure if the medical documents would help my case for a new F-1.