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i have my 10 years green card i got thru marriage someone is

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i have my 10 years green card i got thru marriage someone is threating me that they will send information to the uscis that my marriage was not for love, can they take away my green card??
A green card can only be revoked based upon clear and convincing evidence of fraud. This is a very high standard a an alleged unauthenticated letter is not likely to be anywhere close to sufficient to generate an investigation. As you can probably imagine and as you have experienced personally, the issuance of a green card tends to generate the possibility of a person using threats or leverage in order to manipulate the beneficiary of a green card holder. Unfortunately, this happens much too often but a key point to remember is that in most states, extortion, (threats against a person) are illegal so this person is taking a substantial risk by threatening you.

Yes, it is possible but very unlikely for a person to have his or her green card revoked. Further, the revocation of a green card is highly unusual and any type of hearing would allow the person to present evidence in his or her defense.

To that extent, you probably have very little to worry about and you should consider contacting the local police if this person continues to harass you with threats. Please let me now if you have any additional questions.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

actuallyi think it is the case that I am being blackmailed/extortion, the company that i work for, i allegedly owned them money from a personal loan that i intent to pay, i showed my 2 weeks notice and now they are telling me that if i dont pay before i leave they will send that info to uscis. altough the verbal agreement for the loan was to pay them on a monthly basis 275 dolars, money that i have always paid and i intent to keep paying until money had been payed. and i dont really even wan to come back to that place that i feel harassed and extorcined. so i dont know if to come back to work there tomorrow or not, please help

Thank you for your response. You are not obligated to work for this company so you can leave whenever you wish.
Pursuant to your obligation, you should continue to pay the debt but it is very unlikely that this company will do anything or have any credibility based on its actions. If you are providing a two week notice, money is not a concern so there is no reason to deal with a company that is acting improperly.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

even if my 2 weeks notice last day is on june the 13th can i still leave them tomorrow june 6? im planning on calling them tomorrow and letting them know that i will continue to send them the payments until the alleged debt is payed but for them to not expecting me to come back ever again

From a career perspective, it is better to honor your 2 week notice but an employee cannot be forced to continue working. Considering the company's antics, it may not be a good idea to deal with this company any longer.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you, at this moment that, i believe, is what im going to do, not coming back plus i just realized by searching laws that the company is doing illegal stuff (kickbacks) as well and i dont want to be involve with that sort of company

You are welcome.