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1.What is CIR 2013. 2.How is it beneficial for the people

Customer Question

1.What is CIR 2013.
2.How is it beneficial for the people who are working in USA on H1 and willing to get green card.
3.When(any expected date/month, if not the confirmed date/month) is it going to come into law. The name says: "CIR 2013", so is it coming into law in 2013?
4.Who will be benefited of it out of below.
A. A person who is on H1 and haven't started the PERM processing yet.
B. A person who is on H1 and his PERM(Filed in May 2012) is approved but I-140 is still in processing.
C. A person who is on H1 and his PERM(Filed in May 2012) is approved and I-140 is also approved.

5.My I-140 is filed in general category(not in premium). Should I convert my I-140 from general processing to premium processing to get it approved soon.

6.What are the chances of getting it approved and come as immigration law(This Year)
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Expert James replied 4 years ago.
Hi there,

Thank you for using Just Answer/Pearl. Please note that I earn my living by helping customers like you. I only ask that once you've received your answers, you rate me positively based on the customer service I provide you, and not the outcome, for which the law sometimes does not have a good solution. If you feel the need to use "poor service" or "bad service," please ask follow-up questions instead, so that I can try to help you further.

CIR stands for the phrase "Comprehensive Immigration Reform," and it means absolutely nothing yet. When you see CIR, it simply refers to the idea of immigration reform, but it does not refer to any specific new or changed laws of any kind whatsoever. It is just a reference to the idea that there might be comprehensive reform of immigration laws in 2013. But nothing yet has been done, and so there is no way to if, when or how it might affect any specific situation.

I realize this is not the answer you expected to hear or had hoped to hear, but it is the reality of the current situation. I wish there was more information to provide you, but unfortunately, as of now, there is nothing new.

I hope I have answered your questions. Please reserve your rating for the very end of our conversation. If at that time you're satisfied with my answer and my professionalism - not the outcome or the state of the law which I cannot control - please select a top-three rating. The bottom two negative ratings are reserved for pros who are rude and/or bad at their job, and I'm confident you'll find me to always be professional and truthful with you.

A bonus is appreciated, if you feel I've earned it.

If you want me to answer questions in the future, you can write "FOR LONGHORN" at the beginning of your question, or go directly to my question page here: Ask Longhorn Lawyer

Thank you!
Expert:  Expert James replied 4 years ago.

I do not understand why you rated me with a negative rating. I was professional, truthful, and honest with you. I also asked that instead of giving me a negative rating, you ask follow up questions if you require clarification.

How can I better assist you?