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Is there any way for us to check the status of his green c

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Is there any way for us to check the status of his green card?
Unfortunately, based on the information you've provided, the status of his green card technically is cancelled, because he abandoned his permanent resident status "by operation of law." What I mean by that phrase is, because he left the US for 1 year or more without permission to do so from the USCIS, the law requires that he automatically loses his permanent resident status. The US government does not have to notify him of this, because the law is his notification.

That is why it was suggested that he might be eligible for the "SB-1, Returning Resident Visa." A person who has permanent resident status and a green card is not eligible for this visa. And a person who applies for a visa does not have permanent resident status or a valid green card. The SB-1 visa is how a person gets their permanent resident status and green card back, after it has been lost.

Again, this abandonment and loss of status is automatic, "by operation of law," based on the fact that he was outside of the US for 1 year or more, without permission. So the status of his green card as of now is that he has no valid green card.
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