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Gintare Grigaite
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Name change

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I'm a permanent resident. I'm originally from Peru and came to this country when I was 11 years old and I'm now 34. My father made an error spelling my middle name, he wrote Pool instead of Paul. My name as shown on my permanent resident card and birth certificate is Oliver Pool Garcia and I want to fix it so it shows Oliver XXXXX XXXXX. I'm looking to also become a citizen this year and I don't know if I should fix my name before if so what is the process or if there is a form I need to fill to fix my name for the naturalization process  or am I going to need an attorney to fix the issue. Thanks for all your help

Hello, I will be happy to assist you.
Do not worry, this issue can always be fixed. Here is what I suggest. Since it appears that you are eligible for US citizenship, I would recommend fixing this issue when you file your Application for Naturalization (Form N-400). This is because naturalization allows you to change or correct your name to whichever one you want or need. Therefore, this will save you time and money, and you will be able to accomplish everything you need by filing only one application, meaning you will be able to apply for naturalization, and also change your name to the one you need. As for having a lawyer, I would highly recommend that you have one, as this will ensure that the whole process will go smoothly for you from beginning to end. Make sure to research attorneys and hire one that has experience in immigration law.
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