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Georgetown Lawyer
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I am filing out the 1-601 form because my husband has his appt.

Resolved Question:

I am filing out the 1-601 form because my husband has his appt. in Juarez in early October. Is there a certain way that I should arrange a packet with information from mt family and friends coworkers school personnel etc. Is there anything else I need to submit.
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Georgetown Lawyer replied 7 years ago.
Chat Conversation Started
Georgetown Lawyer :

Thank you for allowing me to assist you. I may need to ask a few more questions so that I can get an understanding of the facts and then I can reply. How long has he been in the u.s.? has anyone ever filed for him before? or his parents? do you or children have any medical conditions?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

He has been in the US 11 years. I have went all the way through the immigration process. I am aware that upon the interview he will be denoed due to EWI. I know that I will have to file the I-601 waiver to respond to the denial.

How long has he been in the u.s.? 11 years

has anyone ever filed for him before? No (not sure what you are asking I as his spouse am the one that has went through this visa processing to try and get him a visa.

or his parents? No, They live in Mexico City

do you or children have any medical conditions?no, But I am in my fourth year of college since 07 I have been pursuing a BAED and I only have 2 months left in classes then in January I start student teaching. The college I attend Strongly recommends not working during this time, because you are responsible for being at your school for every school day and school hour that the teachers attend. Also I have two small children age 6 and 4 which are both in school. I know that this information is important to place in with the I-601 packet. I am just not sure how to complete the packet and have it in the correct order and allow it to look professional. How many pieces of evidence do I need. Do they need to be notorized, certified etc. Are pictures supposed to be included? I only have two weeks before leaving and I know he cant turn this waiver in at the time of his interview but I will be returning the day after his interview because I have class, so I want to have this finished so all he has to do is present it at the next interview.

Expert:  Georgetown Lawyer replied 7 years ago.
There is no required format or evidence for the I-601. YOu just want to make sure that if you do submit statements from people that they are notarized and has the person's contact information and proof of the person's lawful status in this country. Mark all the exhibits with a tab. Put a list of exhibits to correspond to the tabs. Pictures are allowed. Understand though that you have to document extreme and unusual hardship and what you have described doesn't rise to that level and therefore you face a likely possibility of denial. In these cases they typically look for medical and health issues that require him to be here to take care of you. The focus also is the hardship on you, not the kids. So if you discuss having the kids focus on the difficulty on you of having to support and take care of them on your own and that you do not want to go on welfare to have to take care of your children. Talk about your struggle but each waiver is unique based on the persons involved so don't think there is any particular thing you have to send. Show hardship to you and send anything that supports that. I hope this helps. Please click "accept" so that I receive credit for answering your question. I will be happy to reply to a follow up on this issue at no extra cost. Your Positive feedback is appreciated. BE SURE TO REQUEST ME IN THE FUTURE AND TYPE "TO GEORGETOWNLAWYR" in the subject line and I will be happy to assist you. Thanks and best regards.
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