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Wilton A. Person
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i went to my i-130 interview with my wife that is a US citizen

Resolved Question:

i went to my i-130 interview with my wife that is a US citizen last week, and the immigration officer denied us saying the relationship is fake, furthermore i got arrested because of an outstanding warrant that ended up being a mistake from the clerk of courts in another county (they fixed the error now), now i got a letter from the USCIS office saying my case was denied and i need to leave the country what should I do? Can they come to my house and deport me?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Wilton A. Person replied 7 years ago.

Did the denial letter give you an option to appeal immigration's decision?


When the denial letter was issued?


Have you been married before? If yes How many times?


Do you have children under this marriage?


Do you have good relation with your wife?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The letter makes no reference to an appeal or anything, it just says that my application has been denied. It was issued on Feb 16th and it says I have to leave the country, but doesn't say when or what can happen if i don't, it just says its a violation of the law to stay. Both of us have never been married before, and my wife has two kids from previous relationships. I do have a good relationship with my wife, also, when they arrested me at the office, the immigration officer started telling my wife to admit it was fake and that if she did i would be automatically deported and she would be let go, so we feel intimidated by the officer. He told her he would send her to jail, etc. so now we dont know what to do, because we love each other, but i dont want nothing bad to happen to her or the kids. We met last year in January and married in september, but my wife lost her job last year in nov (she found one in Jan 10), etc. so we did not had a lot of pictures for the interview, neither bank statements, etc. because i dont have a social or id, what else can we take to them to prove. We bought dental insurance this year in january when she started working again, and a life insurance policy, but they said its all too recent.
Expert:  Wilton A. Person replied 7 years ago.

Since you are not in removal proceedings I suggest applying again, but this time your wife has to send only petition not you application for adjustment of status. The reason I am suggesting it is because of your previous denial. It is better to secure the approval of your wife's petition first than you can apply for adjustment of status.


If you decide to send your wife's petition you should attach a lot of documents/evidence to poof your bona fide marriage otherwise immigration may deny it again and this might be a disaster for you.


If you can afford financially it is better to hire an experience immigration attorney to help you in this case.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

What kind of evidence should we send? We took to our interview pictures, bank statements, the life and dental insurance policies (that we got in January), electricity bills, phone bills, and the officer said that they were too recent, but like i said we have been in a bad economical situation, and I have no legal identification to open accounts with her (except the life insurance and dental which did not needed a social, and the electricity bill). Now they had sent me a work permit that last week, and my social arrived yesterday, but the letter said any work permits have been revoked so we don't know if we can use those to open things in both our names.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Also, we answered all questions during the interview correctly, except that i forgot the last name of a friend in common, but i think the officer was fixated in sending me to jail because of the warrant that was out, because during the interview he kept calling on the phone saying he was expecting a package, and now we know the package was the police that was coming to pick me up. So while both of us were there together he did not look at any of the evidence, but my wife told me that after they took me to jail he went over the things, and thats when he said that it was not enough evidence, and that to him it was a fake, etc. although my wife says he just glanced through the papers.
Expert:  Wilton A. Person replied 7 years ago.

I think you should try again. There is nothing that you can loose at this point. You should hire an experience immigration lawyer who can be with you at the interview.


I red your respond which I agree but I think you should try again and this time stronger.


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