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overstaying in Malaysia. visa expired for 2 months. How much

Resolved Question:

overstaying in Malaysia. visa expired for 2 months. How much is the fine and where to pay and how can we get the visa cleared. Can we do that in the airport? will it be in the passport as DEPORTED?.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  BizMatters replied 8 years ago.



Immigration agents on exit have discretion; however the law allows and the discretion used is to detain you for several weeks to several months, until you have had a formal hearing.


However for a short overstay, if you do to the immigration before they discover you, you can pay a fine, normally in the range of RM30 per day of overstay, and then depart. YOu are barred from re-entering two days for every day of overstay.


If they discover you, you are detained, get a hearing and are deported.

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Customer: replied 8 years ago.


do you know how is the fine if the overstay is 2 months 5 days.

Expert:  BizMatters replied 8 years ago.



Since the court and the immigration have some discretion in this regard, I can only tell you that generally, the fines are 30RM per day of overstay. This means your fine could be about 2,000RM.