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Judith Ludwic
Judith Ludwic, Immigration Lawyer
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I submitted my 1-751 Petition to remove my conditions of permanent

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I submitted my 1-751 Petition to remove my conditions of permanent resident status at the end of February 40 days before the 90 days period expired my green card. Documentation submitted was: Personal check, I-751 Form, copy of green card, copy of tax returns 2008, bank statements checking account for the last 20 months, copy of online insurance policy, 4 sworn letters AFFIDAVITS copy of joint health insurance, vision & dental. 401K enrollment form and payroll stubs.

What about evidence of actually cohabitating? Lease/utility, bills, auto deeds, auto insurance in both names, copies of envelopes addressed to both parties jointly at same address (even junk mail envelopes) The documents you submitted don't really show you are living together, I have joint bank statements with my mother who lives in MI and I'm here in VA. Same with health insurance - don't necessarily need to cohabit to have joint policy.

What is the question?





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I received a letter saying that i have to proof evidence that my mariage was entered in good faith when i submitted my I-751 Form.

I did not include the Home loan that my wife has of my current address, due to she had the house before we married. Also, utility bills have beeing paid online years before we married by her. Therefore, my name does not appear to.

As a result we contacted the Water, GAS and Electricity companies to add my name on the bills. They will provide a copy at the begining of the month. will these bills help? even though it shows that these changes were done recently and not even two months ago. They gave until June 15, 2009 to present more infomation. Will this be enough or will these matters could be considered to deny my I-751 Petition to remove the conditions of residence?

Also, what happens if we do not have a lot of pictures from the recent years. We may have three or two we don't really take a lot of pictures though. Not really carry cameras with us.

Please advise

Please advise

What about junk mail envelopes. At least even if both names aren't on them it shows each of you get mail at the same address.

Letters from both employers that each of you have each other listed as point of contact in case of emergency on your jobs.

How about your auto insurance?

Your wife needs to submit a copy of ther original loan documents for the house with a statement that she bought the house before you were married and that is why utilities are in her name only.

Do any of you have children from before? Have the kids write statements that they celebrate holidays with you, that you are involved in their lives, visit them, see their kids, give them $.

Have relatives send Affidavits, that is better than friend and neighbors.






How old are you and your wife?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The junk mail we shred them. she had two children both of them are adults and are over 18 years old. All my family is in Mexico i don't have relatives here. I submitted 3 affidavits and teo of them were from her brothers and two of them were from friends. I can ask for the letter to corporate. and she can do so. Not a problem. But you did not answer the question about the bills? My undertanding based on your answer is that even though the utility bills are not under both our names is this is ok? My car statement is under my name and shows my address but she does not appear on it. Will this be ok to send also? My auto insurance has her name and i submitted those papers already? What about the photograhs? We dono't have many like a said teo or three of them the most since we married. Anything else you can think of will be appreciated? Please advise. Fernando

Utility bills need to be under both names, but if some are in your name and some in her name, submit those. They show you are living there if some are in your name.

Yes, send the care statements, it shows you are living there.

Submit the auto insurance papers again.

Send copies of what photos you have.

Do you ever see her grown children? Do they have children and do you give presents to the grandchildren? Do her grown children know about you? Have them give affidavits, too.

Start to save all junk mail and send the envelopes w/ your names on them, too.

Get the job letters.

How about church? Do you go to church?

What about her co-workers and yours. Can they write affidavits that you talk about her at work and she talks about you to her co-workers at work?





Customer: replied 8 years ago.
By the way i am 33 yrs old and she is 50 yrs old

Yes, her daugther and sun know about our marriage in fact one of them is living with us the other one lives by herself. None of them have kids. Ok we can prepare affidavits for them not a problem. We do not really go to church to be honest. Ok i can get some AFFIDAVITS from my work. However, she just recently started a new job she spent a lot of months without a job. So, not sure if she can get AFFIDAVITS.

My car insurance statements are printed out online it shows a transaction history and they do not really whow much info however her name appears on it. Since i do paper less,

Also my tax returns from 2007 we did them separately and we did not as single due to we needed money and to put them together the IRS could had taken a lot in taxes we are planning to re-file it tomorrow and have it shown married this time. does that could be a problem?

and that will be all for now. Please just answer these final questions and i will click the accept button.

Anything else you can think off that you have not mentioned yet please advise

Ok, the taxes were the big problem, so yes, you need to re-do those and file and submit corrected copies with you request for evidenc.

Yes, have the adult children give affidavits.

Your co-worker affidavits will be helpful.

OK, the insurance transaction history with her name on it is good.


The taxes and your age difference are part of the problem The taxes the biggest part of the problem.






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