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Judith Ludwic
Judith Ludwic, Immigration Lawyer
Category: Immigration Law
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Experience:  34 years as practicing immigration attorney, with non-immigrant and immigrant visa experience.
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What happens if after you have an interview appointment for

Customer Question

What happens if after you have an interview appointment for citizenship in Atlanta, Ga. and you move to another state Miami Fl. change the address like 3 months after you move because you do not know you have to do it before until they tell you to do it, and then you receive a letter stating that for unforseen reazons your appointment has been cancel. Would they reschedule my interview, send my file to Miami, Fl, will I keep my filing date?? how long does this progress takes regularly, should I just wait until I receive somthing from USCIS.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 8 years ago.

Did you change your address with the AR-11?

You also have to write a seperate letter to the Atlanta, GA District Office that has your naturalization file and tell them you want the file transferred to Miami. When you have the interview in Miami you should take with you lots of evidence you have lived there for at least 3 months - utility bills, lease, bank statements.

If it is Miami that has cancelled your appointment, they will reschedule it. If you have not heard in another 3 months, make an appointment with Infopass and go in and ask for the appointment to be resecheduled as soon as possible.




Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Hi Judy, I did AR 11 on line the same they I realize I have to do it and also the following steps, they were 3 steps, 1st the AR 11 and then more information for them and I receive a confirmation letter of the change I did and print it. But Atlanta has never send me any letter saying that they have change my address, but this operator told my by my SS that in their data base they have my address here in Miami. I started everything in Atlanta, and Miami was the one sending me the cancelation letter, I did not receive anything else from Atlanta, but when I called USCIS, the operator told me to wait for my file to be transfer, but did not tell me that I have to write them any kind of letters, just to wait, so that is what I am doing now.


What do you suggest I should do?? I was so close and now I feel so far away from that day to come, hope I am wrong, do I will still have my same filing date?? hope so.

Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 8 years ago.

That is good and it does seem like your file has been transferred to Miami. If it will make you feel less hopeless, make an appointment on Infopass at the website and go in to the Miami office to verify if your file has arrived there.




Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I am sorry and please do not take it the wrong way, but still I do not feel you have answer my doubts, like, do you know how long will this type of things take??, the filling will remain the same?? are this type of things normal, or that could be that they could cancel my interview for good and do not reschedule, or I have a good chance to be reschedule, it was only due to a change of address.
Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 8 years ago.

I have cut and pasted the section of the Code on the transfer of an application for naturalization. The Code says you have to write and request the file to be transferred. It tells you everything that has to be in the written request. It is up to the District Director in Atlanta to agree to the transfer or not.

So, even though it appears there has been a transfer based on your AR-11, if you want to be sure, make an Infopass appointment. If the District Director in Atlanta transfered the case, the filing will remain the same. Your interview in Miami will be rescheduled if your file has been transferred by Atlanta. I am reading tea leaves if I told you your file was transferred. Only CIS knows that and you need to go in to be sure. Nothing moves fast with CIS. Miami is a very large office with millions of cases. So it could take 6 months for a new appointment.

If you want to know something sooner, again, the best place for an answer is through the Infopass appointment system. Especially, since you did not write and request a transfer like the law says.

8 CFR Sec. 335.9 Transfer of application.

(a) Request for transfer of application. An applicant who, after filing an application for naturalization, changes residence, or plans to change residence within three months, may request, in writing, that a pending application be transferred from the current Service office to the Service office having jurisdiction over the applicant's new place of residence. The request shall be submitted to the office where the application was originally filed. The request shall include the applicant's name, alien registrati on number, date of birth, complete current address including name of the county, complete address at the time of filing the application, reason for the request to transfer the application, and the date the applicant moved or intends to move to the new jurisdiction.

(b) Discretion to authorize transfer. The district director may authorize the transfer of an application for naturalization after such application has been filed. In the event that the district director does not consent to the transfer of the application, the application shall be adjudicated on its merits by the Service office retaining jurisdiction. If upon such adjudication the application is denied, the written decision pursuant to § 336.1 of this chapter shall also address the reason(s) for the Service's decision not to consent to the transfer request. (Revised 9/24/93; 58 FR 49914)



Judith Ludwic and other Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Thank you very much Judy, and I hope those tea leaves are working on my favor, haha, I hope that my papers are here in Miami already.


Thank you again for all your help you went above and beyond for that I really appreciate it.


Take care and have a great weekend and if you know somthing else about my case os what I told you please let me know.


Thank you again for everything.



Expert:  Judith Ludwic replied 8 years ago.


I, too, hope the tea leaves are in your favor (& flavor)!

I think everything will be fine, but to be sure, take the time to go in through Infopass and ease your mind, it will be worth it since this means soooo very much to you.