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Doug, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Hyundai
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Experience:  ASE Certified Technician specializing in Asian vehicles
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I had to make a sudden stop today causing my tires to

Customer Question

Hey Doug. I had to make a sudden stop today causing my tires to screech on my Mazda 3. Now I hear a groaning noise when I drive. I had the same noise that went away after replacing my tires. Could something have happened to the tires from the sudden stop?
Submitted: 9 months ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  Doug replied 9 months ago.
Hi Dom,If there are any imperfections in the surface area of the tires it will result in a groaning, sort of like a wheel bearing type noise.
Given the noise developed right after a sudden stop, I would wager it is possible you may have flat spotted one of the tires or had a belt inside the tire fail from the sudden load.
I would check the surface area of the tires by hand feeling for any imperfections as well as spinning then to see if you can observe a out of round condition like a belt failed inside etc.
If nothing unusual appears, then I would try "driving" the car with the wheels off the ground to see if it is still heard, and hand-spinning the rears while listening preferably with a stethoscope to determine if you just had a wheel bearing get noisy at coincidental timing.
Customer: replied 9 months ago.

Okay. I did create an imperfection, is it something that will go away as the tires wear?

Expert:  Doug replied 9 months ago.
Yeah if you can see or feel an imperfection on the surface that will definitely make your noise.
Whether it goes away is dependent on how bad the defect is... But the general answer is no, it won't. If it is really minor then as the tire wears it will become less and less noticeable... Think of it like wind wearing down a dune until it is flat. It takes a long time though since it is dependent on the wearing down of the tread, and if it is substantial in size the tire will wear past its usable life before the defect is worn down enough to be quiet again.
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Would shaving the tire to make it true help?
Expert:  Doug replied 9 months ago.

It depends again on the severity of the deformation. If it is so deep that in order to get it true you would be taking a ton of rubber away, it wouldn't be worth the effort as you would effectively strip down the life of the tire as far as mileage goes. Plus there aren't a lot of places doing that any more... at least not near me. The best thing to do in that regard if you have a place that turns down tread is take the tire to them and ask if they think it is salvageable... or wouldn't result in too much tread loss to get it round again.

Expert:  Doug replied 9 months ago.

I should also mention, that would only be effective on deformations in relation to flat spotting. If you had a belt break inside the tire (tire has a noticeable bulge, not just a flat spot or "ski jumps" in the tread), then nothing short of replacement will correct it.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Okay, makes sense. If a CV boot is torn and the axle makes noise when turning, then repacking the joint with grease and putting on a new boot won't work, right?
Expert:  Doug replied 9 months ago.

Sorry about the delay, I stepped out for lunch.

Typically no that isn't going to help. Once you get significant noise (clacking or popping etc) there will be enough wear in the joint that it will need replacement. You may quiet it down some, but it isn't making the noise go away, it is just muffling it with grease.

The up side is that for most cars nowadays you can get aftermarket axles for less money than a good quality boot kit anyway.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.

Thanks Doug. There is a depression in the tire from the sudden stop. One tire has a deeper depression than the other. Is it possible that tire has belts that shifted? Should I just put those two tires on the back?

Expert:  Doug replied 9 months ago.
The belts are steel and formed into the rubber, so they will pretty much just break or nothing. When they break it will allow a bulge to protrude. If have to see it to be sure, but if you just have a depression with no noticeable high spot above normal tread height, it is probably just a flat spot and not a belt issue.
In that case, rotating to the rear is fine, will likely make it sound quieter, and reduce vibrations felt (both noise and vibration are usually more noticeable in front).
Just keep an eye on them if you do that to make sure the condition is stable. If you begin to see a bulge forming, then replace them.