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Front drivers side started smoking and I could feel the car

Customer Question

Front drivers side started smoking and I could feel the car slowing out looked and it was comming from the tire/breaks. So I replaced the caliper, pads, rotor, bleed breaks... works fine one day next day same thing again... so return caliper get another new one.... runs good one day than not... so I replace the break line. Check vacuum all good no leaks... no hissing sound.... no pulsing .. take it for a ride(30min)everything is good.... next day run to town (10min ride) it's smoking again... when it cools it releases... idk what else to look at or check to fix this problem and it's only the drivers front. Also the previous owner cut the e-break cable and I found all the ABS fuse taken out?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  Peter Bagley replied 11 months ago.

Hello and welcome to just answer and allowing me to assist you. sorry to hear about your problems , but you did all the ground work and proper things that would cause that issue if you had just normal brakes without abs. I think that the previous owner removed those fuses because he had an abs problem. the ABS brakes pulsate the brakes under panic stopping by applying and releasing pressure to the brakes keeping what they call threshold braking. but if one of those pistons inside the actuator stick or get lazy they can restrict fluid flow to the calipers causing what you are experiencing. So the next and only thing left to try is another ABS actuator and reinstall those fuses. Hope this helps your decision and if I can be of further assistance I;ll be happy to do so. and I would recommend to replace the hole unit as per why the fuse was removed