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internal88, Technician
Category: Hyundai
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Experience:  Over 10 years in the Import Auto industry. Engineering background and diagnostic is my specialty.
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Hyundai Sante Fe: Good evening. I have a Hyundai Sante fe;

Customer Question

Good evening. I have a Hyundai Sante fe; Recently got into a small accident, back in early March. Car was operating fine this whole time, even this morning. When I went to turn it on this evening, it would not start. When I put the key into the ignition and turn it a bit the dash lights and headlights turn on; but when I turn to start it nothing happens, no noise either. I was wondering what could potentially be the problem.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  internal88 replied 1 year ago.
Hello, I'm Brandon - Hyundai tech.Two possible things that are happening that are not related to the accident.First, the battery could be completely dead from a dead cell. You need to check the battery to see if is 12.6 volts.If the battery is OK. Then it is the starter motor that failed.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
So I need to test it to see if it is 12.6 volts? And what would I use to test it
Expert:  internal88 replied 1 year ago.
Get yourself a digital voltmeter from sears. Hook one positive probe to the positive battery and the negative probe to the negative battery terminal. Make sure the car is not ON. You should see a reading of 12.6v if the battery is good.
Expert:  internal88 replied 1 year ago.
Anything reading under 12 volts is too weak to crank the engine.Please rate me positive thank you!