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Hyundai santa fe: Im having the same issue with locating the

Customer Question

Im having the same issue with locating the flasher relay. I tried using your photo as a reference but I'm still having trouble locating it. I may be looking in the wrong location underneath my dash. I tried looking below the steering wheel but i didn't remove the cover under the steering column. Is that something i should've done?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  Andrew Martin replied 1 year ago.
The flasher unit on the 2007 Santa Fe is on the left side of the dashboard, almost at the firewall and towards the top of the dashboard. It may not be possible to reach it without removing the dash board. Try laying on the driver floor and with a light, look up as high as you can toward the front left corner of the vehicle. I have attached a picture to try and help.If my answer has helped you, please help me by rating or accepting my answer. This does not cost you any more, it just allows me to be credited for my work. You can always ask follow up questions after rating or accepting. Thank you
Expert:  Andrew Martin replied 1 year ago.
I'm sorry that is not correct, I had a different vehicle selected when I looked up the location. Please give me a moment and I will get you the correct information. I apologize again.
Expert:  Andrew Martin replied 1 year ago.
The flasher for the santa fe is in the ICM relay box under the dash right in front of the brake pedal. If you remove the knee pad cover it should be easier to see, one screw on each side and then it just pops out. I attached a picture.