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K. Wiggins
K. Wiggins, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Hyundai
Satisfied Customers: 2880
Experience:  ASE Certified Technician, Associates Degree in Automotive Technology, 15+ years in the trade
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I would like to know if the CONDENSER on a 2006 HYUNDAI

Customer Question

Hello: I would like to know if the CONDENSER on a 2006 HYUNDAI SANTA FE 3.5 (V6) IS FLUSHABLE?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  K. Wiggins replied 1 year ago.

Hello, I would not recommend flushing this one. A new one will run less than 100.00

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Please, for the sake of knowledge, why would it not be recommended to flush the condenser??
Expert:  K. Wiggins replied 1 year ago.

Due to the built in receiver/drier, the discaant bag can be replaced (around 20.00) But I have found that flushing and then replacing the disicant bag does not offer optimum AC performance as desicant should realy be under a vaccum at all times as it would be in a new condenser vs just buying the bag of desicant in an airtight package.

Expert:  K. Wiggins replied 1 year ago.

If you do decide to just replace the desicant here's how

Expert:  K. Wiggins replied 1 year ago.

The desicant kit I would recomend if you go that route is FOUR SEASONS 83004

Just let me know if you have any other questions. If not, please take a moment to rate my service. Thanks!

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
How about the evaporator? Should I replace it, or will a good flush (followed by compressed air) will work? If the flushing will work, what would be the right PSI pressure of the compressed air so the evaporator is totally cleaned? What would be the PSI pressure to flush the A/C lines?
Expert:  K. Wiggins replied 1 year ago.

A flush for the evaporator is fine. I highly suggest replacing the expansion valve as well with all of this work you're doing.

125psi is what I usually flush at doing it in reverse of refrigerant flow the first time so things will dislodge.