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My wifes 2011 Sonata Limited 2.4L would not start after two

Customer Question

My wifes 2011 Sonata Limited 2.4L would not start after two weeks of sitting in parking lot while we were on vacation. The car has 200k km and a new engine due to "catastrophic failure" at 160k. We had a new battery put in car by dealership and nothing so they towed it in. After a week the dealership said that there is a short in the electrical that blew the computer. The car turns over, ignition runs on after button is pushed but does not turn over. The lights and dash work intermittent. We are told that to replace the computer is 1,000 in labour and 1200 for parts. They also said they have never seen this happen before. (figures)
Any input before we fork out the money?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  eauto replied 1 year ago.

the computer is right around 1000 dollars the labor is .4 4 tenths of a hour which is 24 minutes labor to program the ecm is another hour.... not sure how they came up with 1000 in labor

OEM Part #Price

Engine Control Module


Manual Trans

Without Immobilizer


With Immobilizer


Auto Trans

Without Power Switch


With Power Switch

Without Immobilizer


With Immobilizer


Labor InformationSkill LevelMfg. WarrantyStandard

Engine Control Module