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hundai tucson GLS 2.7: Hi Can you please translate this for

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Can you please translate this for me, my car is tucson 2005 GLS;work performed;trace wiring, found under hood wiring ok,remove lower kick panel,check lower fuse box, found no blown fuses. Check for power coming into the fuse panel, power comes in but no supplying circuit on the left side of the fuse panel, remove fuse panel and teste. Found fuse block assembly with internal relay bad "blown fuse box needs to be replaced
Hello Sir or Madam and thank you for your question!
Basically they checked the wiring from the under the hood fuse panel, to the fuse panel inside the car. The wiring is in good shape. See, the inside fuse panel gets the power from the outside under the hood fuse panel. Since that is good, they then checked to see if there was power to the fuse box inside the car. There is, but only on one side of the box. Since the fuse box is all one piece, they have found the fuse box itself to be the problem.
Hope this helps!
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Thank You

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for you answer, I tested the fuses on the engine fuse box and some of them dont work, I replaced them and still nothing also the I replace the inner fuse box and still the same no power come on the left side of the panel. If power coming into the inner fuse box from the engine fuse box then I need to replace the engine box? sorry but I need to do this, just I dont have enough money for a repair shop.

Did you check the fuses with the key on? some of the fuses don't have power without the key on or the headlights on.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, I check the engine fuse box with the key on and all the fuses are working that make me understand that is the inner fuse box, but I got a used one and change for the original and is doing the samething,so I guess I have to buy a new fuse box or maybe it could be something else?


Well, if there is power going to the fuse box and nothing is powering up, then it would seem the fuse box is still the issue.
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