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Scott B
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1998 hyundai: 2.0l..vibrating noise, and idling..2-3 cyl..spark plugs

Resolved Question:

I have a 1998 hyundai coupe fx (scoupe) 2.0l 4 cyl.
I'm having trouble with the engine its making like a vibrating noise, and idling really rough.
When I drive it its like its running on 2-3 cyl it sort of shudders when you drive.
It feels like its holding back n then lets go then holds back...
maybe spark plugs?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  Scott B replied 5 years ago.

Hi Im Scott

These were notorious for engine misfires which were often spark related. You are on the right track believing it to be spark plugs. What often occurs is carbon tracking forms on the spark plug porcelain resistors (it usually is visible and looks like someone has drawn lines along the porcelain with a lead pencil. it is actually the same thing) the carbon tracking allows what is essentially a short to earth and when under load the spark looks for the easiest route which is along the tracking, not over the electrode which causes the plug to fire, as a result you end up with a missfire. It is mostly much easier to replace the plugs and spark plug leads together. you can also opt to help stop this from occurring again by adding some "heat sink grease" this is applied all over the white porcelain and insulates it. It was regular practice at the Hyundai dealer I used to work at.

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