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Hyundai Azera Limited: The tpms failure indicator comes on

Resolved Question:

The tpms failure indicator comes on intermittently in my 2007 hyundai comes on after about 2 miles or 10 minutes of driving and stays on for a couple of minutes and then goes out. It never comes back on during that trip. It will do this every day for a couple of days, then not for a week. It seems that being stopped at a light or in traffic will be the thing that brings on the problem. Dealer has reset the tire monitors.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  Neal replied 5 years ago.


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Is it a particular sensor or all of them?




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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It is not the idicator that there is low is the system failure indication...first on the display screen and then the tpms light...not the tire icon that indicates a particular tire low...that has never come on
Expert:  Neal replied 5 years ago.

Ok, I was wondering if the dealer had narrowed it down to a single sensor losing contact or if it was a system issue. Apparently it is not the sensors but the system itself.


Is it doing it in the same area all the time? There is a tsb for electromagnetic interference. Here it is if you want to read through it. If this does not apply you are likley going to need a new tpms module.


e. Electromagnetic Interference


The TPMS malfunction indicator lamp may be illuminated and the trouble codes C1312~C1315 (TPMS sensor RF, Radio Frequency, channel failure) may be stored if the vehicle is moving around electric power supply cables or radio transmitters at police stations, government and public offices, broadcasting stations, military installations, airports, transmitting towers, etc. External electronic devices connected to the vehicle's power outlets (notebook computer, seat warmer, massager, coolers, GPS navigation, mobile phone charger, etc.) may also cause this condition.


The TPMS malfunction indicator light generally turns off after the vehicle is removed from such interference.

In the case of the TRW TPMS, the TPMS indicator lamp turns off after the vehicle is removed from the interference and the ignition switch is turned off and on.

C1312-C1315 (TPMS initiator RF channel failure) set condition

- If the TPMS sensor learning fails or no RF signal is transmitted from the learned TPMS sensor, while driving the vehicle for 25 minutes over 20 kph (12 mph), the trouble codes C1312, C1313, C1314 or C1315 will be set. In addition, as mentioned above, the trouble codes may be set by electromagnetic interference with the TPMS.

- Check communication between the TPMS sensors and a scan tool. If a TPMS sensor does not transmit any data to the scan tool, replace the TPMS sensor.

- If all four TPMS sensors are checked and working correctly, trace the cause of electromagnetic interference. Drive the vehicle out of the strong electric field or remove the external electronic devices that may cause the condition. Drive the vehicle for about 5 minutes to verify that the condition is corrected.

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