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Hyundai Sonata: Im trying to remove the left headlamp assembly

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I'm trying to remove the left headlamp assembly in my 2009 Sonata. I removed the top two bolts, but I can't find a third. A video for removing the assembly in a 2006, but I can't find a third bolt near the radiator. It seems like there's some kind of clip around there that I can feel, but I can't see it. What's the next step?

there are only 2 bolts on the 2009. however, there are 2 clips on either side towards the bottom of the assembly

wrap the end of a small puttyknife with tape and slip it between the headlamp assembly and the body and using gentle but steady pressure pry outwards to pop headlamp assembly free. you may find it easier to have someone pull steadily on headlamp assembly while you pry outwards with putty knife as those 2 clips can be somewhat of a bear to pop free

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