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2005 hyundai elantra GT: coolant-twice, water pump..exhaust..leaks

Customer Question

2005 hyundai elantra GT overheats, a real perplexing situation.
108,000 miles --all scheduled maintenance performed.
At approx. 100,000 miles temp started creaping up toward hot with AC on in 85+ degree weather.
I have replaced the radiator, upper and lower radiator hoses, cap-twice, coolant-twice, water pump, thermostat-twice, and the upsteam H020 sensor on the exhaust manifold.
The upper hose feels hotter than the lower when running, not a whole lot lot hotter but definitely hotter.
Cooling fans seem to be working, they kick on and off.
No visible leaks.
Oil is fine, no signs of coolant.
The car seems to run fine, mpg at 30+ average per tank.
When it starts to heat up past its normal mark of just below 1/2 way on the temp gauge, we usually stop the assent by turning off the AC.
But today it heated up without AC on.
Coolant level was fine. After parking for a 1/2 hour or so letting it cool, got home without a hitch, no more temp trouble.
What the &%$# XXXXX XXXXX on ?
Have managed to not let it get past 3/4 hot on the gauge.
Help !
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Hyundai
Expert:  Jerry replied 6 years ago.

Hello and welcome to Just, Super mechanic here. Please DON’T hit accept until you are completely satisfied with the answer. About your vehicle.

The first thing that you want to do is check the cooling system for any exhaust gases. There is a tester for that, that you can gt from Autozone for about $20. It comes with instructions, but there is a blue fluid that is used in it, if the fluid turns yellow, that is exhaust gases.

Block tester available as:

Napa BK.(NNN) NNN-NNNN/span>


Part Number:

If there are any exhaust gases in the cooling system, that will cause more pressure than desired and will allow the engine to burn coolant and/or heat the coolant up too high. Most times not filling the crankcase with coolant either.

If there are, then there would be an internal engine problem, like a head gasket or head.

Of course, you will want to make sure that the system is full, the coolant is circulating, and the cooling fan(s) are working as well as the pressure cap holding pressure. Thanks