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I am trying to get an initial handle on an HVAC problem.

Customer Question

I am trying to get an initial handle on an HVAC problem. Cool (but not cold) air comes out of the supply vents (65 degrees) and the system isn't able to bring the house temp below 75 degrees (outside temp is in the 80s, inside temp in the high 70s without trying to run the system), and the condenser/compressor run continuously for hours until I shut it off.Pushing aside the insulation, the suction line only feels moderately cool at any point along the line (definitely not lower than 60 degrees). The liquid line feels warmer but not very hot, and water is leaking from the evaporator area. I know this water issue needs to be addressed, but is this likely causing the overall lack of cooling performance, or could the system also be low on refrigerant?
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  David Bowden replied 2 months ago.

Hello… my name is ***** ***** I am very knowledgeable in this subject to help answer your question, would you like my expert advice today?

Expert:  David Bowden replied 2 months ago.

The only way to tell if you are low on Freon is to have a qualified local service tech check the pressures of the high and low side. If the readings show the unit charging, then it usually takes a few pounds to recharge the system. If you are low on Freon, a more important question would be where is the leak. Systems with leaks may or may not be repairable and will only cause expensive damage to other components.

Expert:  David Bowden replied 2 months ago.

running your system for long periods of time is not efficient and is overworking the major parts. I recommend not waiting too much longer to contact a qualified service provider.

Expert:  David Bowden replied 2 months ago.

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Expert:  David Bowden replied 2 months ago.

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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Right now I'm not asking specifically if my system is low on Freon (also, I'm not continuing to run the system). My question right now is if the suction and liquid temperatures, which are both outside normal range, could caused by low Freon, or if it is more likely to be related to the water issue coming from the evaporator.Asked differently; what I'm really asking is what are common signs that the Freon is low? Would the suction line temp be higher or lower than it should be? And would the liquid line temp be higher or lower than it should be?
Expert:  David Bowden replied 2 months ago.

W​ater is produced from ice build up or condensation. Water is not causing your problem. If the low side is warm, Freon isn't moving through it due to lack or Freon or a possible blockage, or possibly some other problem inside the compressor. High side pressure is always more than the low side pressure, but it needs to be within the proper range to be effective. An overcharge will also create cooling problems. The only way to accurately determine what the system needs, is to place refrigeration gauges on the unit.

Expert:  David Bowden replied 2 months ago.

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