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I have a Crown boiler with an intermittent electronic

Customer Question

I have a Crown boiler with an intermittent electronic ignition unit from Honeywell (S8610U) that recently stopped working after several years of service. The ignition unit was flashing code 7 Flame Rod Shorted. I removed the igniter/pilot assembly and found a bridge of carbon across the electrical portion of the ignitor. I cleaned the ignitor and re-installed the assembly and everything worked fine, for 2 days. Same problem. I removed the assembly again but this time I also took apart the pilot flame portion and ensured everything was clean. Re-installed the assembly and everything worked, for 2 more days. Same problem. A bridge of carbon across the ignitor gap. When the pilot is running it is a nice blue flame and when the main burners are running they also have a nice blue flame. Any thoughts on what would cause a sudden change that creates this carbon bridge after many trouble free years. I had the boiler gone through about three years ago by somebody very familiar with these types of units and it has been trouble free up until now. Full disclosure, I recently received a propane delivery. Is it possible that the propane is somehow causing the issue?
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  HVAC Guru replied 6 months ago.

Hello, one minute while I get some information together.

Expert:  HVAC Guru replied 6 months ago.

If you are getting a bridge across it the spark module may be continually sparking causing the bridge, I would replace the S8610U unit and I believe all problems will be solved, I have seen that happen.

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
I can hear the ignitor clearly. It only snaps until the pilot flame is lit and then it stops.
Expert:  HVAC Guru replied 6 months ago.

If that is the case I would try replacing the electrode, there is not much else that would cause that issue.