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Beckett r7184p will not reset. Power on gets light on for

Customer Question

Beckett r7184p will not reset. Power on gets green light on for 1/2 sec. Holding reset button does not yield any blinking lights. Bad unit or another way to reset? Thanks
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 11 months ago.

Hello, if the fuel pump runs when you hold the reset down for more than 2 seconds it will flood the inside of the combustion chamber with fuel oil, then when it finally ignites there can be a huge sooty blow back of flame and partially burned oil out of the fire box.

You should inspect the inside bottom of the fire box for that condition before attempting to ignite the burner,

Expert:  Phil replied 11 months ago.

We can go from there depending on what you find.

If the bottom of the fire box is dry we know that problem is no fuel, there can be numerous causes for that from a blocked spray nozzle to air trapped in the oil pump due to an empty fuel tank.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Phil. The burner is dead. Power to it, power to control box. The r7184p lights up for 1/2 second, I hold down button for up to two minutes never to get the blinking lights that the manual says I should get. Is there another way to reset it?
Customer: replied 11 months ago.
The burner does not turn on so why are you talking about oil and blocked nozzles?
Expert:  Phil replied 11 months ago.

There is no other way to reset it....there is a defect in the burner or the fuel supply to its spray nozzle that must be corrected. Tell me please if the manual you have shows rebuild instructions or not... there can be bad connections from the ignition transformer to the sparking rods or dirty sparking rods, bad CAD cell, or no fuel to the nozzle, those are most common.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
You can not rebuild the primary control unit.all voltages read properly, the r7284p can not even evaluate any oil or nozzle or electrode or ohm problem without first resetting itself. You say there is no trick to resetting it yet the manual states a technician can reset it. What wires can I jump? The burner was working fine until someone pressed the reset button a few times when it was not necessary to do do. If I jump it from underneath, where should I jump it to know if we have a bad r7184p? Thank you
Expert:  Phil replied 11 months ago.

Correct, the primary control unit (ignition module part of the burner assy) must be replaced not rebuilt, but the rest of the burner, oil pump, debris in the oil pump, clogged nozzle and etc are commonly repaired... (I am 75 years old with 55 years in the business, 27 staff)

Jumpering wires is begging for a boiler explosion...aside from that there are too many circuits involved to know which one is bad... it is more than likely a fuel pump issue (have you inspected the bottom of the boiler for fuel or can you smell it inside fire box) if not, its a fuel circuit problem, not electrical.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
It can not be the fuel pump since it was working perfectly fine before this issue. I just jumped the pump and let the oil run into a bucket. Plenty of fuel and pump is pushing it hard, the issue has been how to set the primary control unit when I followed manufacturers recommendations . You never answered this except to say it should be replaced. For the fee your company is charging, you need to give a little more trouble shooting advise. Like activate the pump by pig tailing p1 and p2 which powers the pump. I thank you for answers that made no sense until near the end, and to blame a lack of resetting on a fuel system issue makes no sense, the furnace technician will look at this issue tomorrow and fix it. I will let the payment go through if you guessed the problem correctly. If not, I will cancel the $28. fee . Thanks for trying. 55 year old boilers amd the newer models are much different and this may be where the problem lies.
Expert:  Phil replied 11 months ago.

I am still active and work with the latest model boilers on a weekly if not daily basis...You are simply barking up the wrong tree with the reset and hot wiring of the control module is all.

Thanks for trying Just Answer, I will put in a refund request for you,