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We have a new home,4 months old. 2 Lennox units up and down.

Customer Question

Hi - We have a new home,4 months old. 2 Lennox units up and down.
A/C has been operating fine until week ago Tuesday (now problem is 10 days). The A/C quits running about 3:30 each day then starts working again about 7:30.
No breakers tripped (although electric people did replace the breakers, no change in problem though).
Drain pan looks dry.
Fan will blow if asked.
We are dumbfounded about this. I could understand if the units could be running and just not keeping up...after all it is 100 here today. But they are totally shut down. No amount of TLC and prayer will get them on again until the heat abates about 7:30.
My A/C warranty guys are tired of coming out to find nothing wrong during the day. They all go home at 4:00, so I can't get anyone here during the sweat hours.
Let me know what you think. Maybe we should just have the builder give us new units...that'll go over like a lead balloon.
Thank you.
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 12 months ago.

Hello, IF... the timing is exact to the minute each day, no variance from the shut off and turn on time, the problem is that the thermostat is programmed incorrectly to be OFF those hours.. investigate that.

IF...the timing fluctuates the problem could be that the utility company has you on a mis programmed load shedding program (but only if you subscribed).

Tell me in detail exactly what the Lennox dealer has to say about the situation, not the AC warranty guys unless they are from the dealership.

we can go from there

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
the warranty guys are from the dealership. They did the install. They seem confused about this and then ticked off that I have called so many times (4-5) in the first days. They say they will start charging $150 to come out. Doesn't make any sense...I sure can't do anything! I did bring in the contract electrician, he did say that one of the breakers was not the correct one and changed both out. That was last Saturday. We were gone from the house Sunday during the "non-A/C hours", so we really couldn't say anything since the A/C was on when we returned at 9 PM. It seemed like all was fine for Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs this week. I had just texted the A/C tech at 4:00 today that things seemed all better. Then I had to text him again at 5:45 to say.."spoke too soon, both A/Cs not working". I expect and hope that they will come on again by 7:30 and I will let the tech know that too. Seems like I'm caught in the one know the answer. You are my only hope, Obe-Wan!
Expert:  Phil replied 12 months ago.

Talk to the owner of the company and tell him politely that you need their best controls man out to your place when the unit is not running as part of his dealership warranty (obligation)... it is not your concern that his men get off at 4 pm, this is close to a 24 hour business... it is ludicrous that he well not send a man out when your system is off.... regardless of the time of day.... and at only a few months old, it should be 100% free of charge.

Let him know that politely, tell me exactly what he says or does... his position that his men get off at 4pm is ludicrous.

Expert:  Phil replied 12 months ago.

No business man with any brains would fail to have a man out there when his brand new system I giving problems... even if it was 3 am. a good outfit would take care of his customer.... that is how a company stays in business.

If this fails for whatever reason, tell me which direction you are from the center of the nearest city and I should be able to connect you with a sensible outfit.

Customer: replied 12 months ago.
Great. I will be able to tackle this next Wed. I'll let you know. The hotel I'm going to has air conditioning all the time!
Expert:  Phil replied 12 months ago.

Tell your lennox dealer that too, have a nice vacation.

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