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I have a Rheem powervent 41vrp50n that ingnites only

Customer Question

I have a Rheem powervent 41vrp50n that ingnites only intermittently. The igniter just continually clicks and the burner won't light. There are two of these units next to one another, if I jumper one igniter to the other unit and vice versa they both ignite every time but when I put them back how they were I only get intermittent ignition.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  duane replied 1 year ago.

Hi welcome to Just Answer .If after i finish with answering question if you need more assitance then just respond back to me and i will respond back ty. well that is a strange one so you are taking small wire and using other unit to ignite this one and it works but then when you put back it to same unit the unit will not fire off correctly ? so it has to be a problem in connection of the igniter to unit you can try to take small wire brush??or something small enough to hit contact points some on each end maybe a paper clip on the female end to just scratch it up some or try switching the ignitors on each unit and leave that way to ?? 2 new ignitors orderd to replace also would be good idea if the switching does work ? may just be temp ..type deal

Thank you for using Just Answer any further help needed just respond and i will respond back
please leave a good rating .For that is only way that i can get compensated for my time. Thank You Duane

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I brushed both sides of the connection with a steel wire brush and it continues to do the same thing. I think my next move is to swap the igniter boards to see if that works. I think a T15 security torx bit will do it.
Expert:  duane replied 1 year ago.

sounds like you are on rite track i have had problems with some large capicty bradford /white units with condenstion would cored i very lite film over contacts and simple cleaning i had 2 service techs out on that job and was rediculus they had not seen it anyway nothing to do with here lol.... good job let me know what ya end up doing switching to works .. like i said temp fix ??

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