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Phil, Mechanical Engineer
Category: HVAC
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Experience:  Retired HVAC/ Electrical & Boiler contractor. Industrial
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Phil Can we work today? I have an American standard

Customer Question

Can we work today? I have an American standard condenser residential
Need help it runs but has no cooling
Show me how to adjust the stuck valve and read the readings
81 ambient sunny
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

Hello, yes we can work today, all day.

Assuming your gauges are connected properly you are reading the same suction pressure as the head pressure, if the compressor is running then the valves inside the compressor 100% bad.

However, it looks like you might have turned the liquid line service valve (on the machine) all the way clock wise, that would be incorrect.... and would produce bad gauge reads.

The liquid line valve should be turned all the out (counter clock wise) then turned in (clock wise 1/2 a turn).

Tell me how that goes,

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Suction line valve is stuck can't turn it
Liquid line pressure doesn't move or change after I made those adjustments
no line dryer
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

Hello again, the valve step to the left of your gauge hose connection on the suction line (largest line) should turn 1/2 turn clock wise... that will give your gauges access to the port.

That would be the first stuck valve of that type that I have ever seen, try turning it clock wise half a turn if that fails turn it counter clock wise... if it turns more than two turns counter clockwise, it was already closed, so keep turning it counter clockwise 8 or 10 turns until it back seats, then half turn clock wise to open the gauge port.

Make sure both knobs on your service gauges are turned off (clockwise).

let me know how it goes and any changes in gauge readings and...IF THE COMPRESSOR IS RUNNING OR NOT.

if the compressor is not running you will have pressures shown.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Compressor is not running
But when I turn it on I don't get any change in readings
I was going to replace the condenser the compressor looks very old and rusty
I tried turning the little silver knob but it's stuck and I don't want to strip it
These gauge readings don't change
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

Hello again, replacing the unit before we are sure if you have the gauges connected properly is premature... if its old and rusty it might still be working well.

Best that you use this opportunity to learn now to work the service valves on the unit, and your gauges

I think you might already have the suction line closed (it should be open), and you may have the liquid line closed too.

open both valves until they hit stops (that is counter clockwise), then turn them half a turn in to access the gauge ports.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
We replaced it
Can I use any condenser? I have a goodman condenser with American standard furnace air handler
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

If its NOT a heat pump, you can use any condenser that uses the same refrigerant and same or slightly less btu rating..... except.... if the evaporator uses a thermostatic expansion valve (and not capillary tubes) the new condensing unit must have a receiver tank.

Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

All 20 year old air handlers with cooling coils in them use R-22 refrigerant, virtually all new condensing units use R-410a...the two are not at all compatible.

The oils do not mix, and the R 410a system runs the evaporator at over 200 psig when not running, and the R-22 coils run at max 150 psig test pressure.

Additionally, R-410a scrubs the inside of the coils clean and very often causes them to leak.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'd like to set up phone call for in the morning
I'm installing a condenser and a coil. I've seen it a bunch of times and done a bunch of condensers already so you could talk me through it
You're my savior my secret weapon I'm so grateful for you and this service
Talk tomorrow
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

Hello again, its 5 am here, and thats the same as 5 am in the mid west USA, I will give you a call it 7 am and then try you again at 8 am if needed.

Meantime I need to know all about the refrigerants involved...

Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

Regarding this video, its not bad, but he misses a few points we need to discuss.

look that over, and tell me in great detail a lot about your skills or lack thereof with a map gas or oxygen actylene torch.

I earn a living here doing this, I get half of your deposit, that allows me about half an hour of coaching time unless I want to loose my shirt.

If you need extensive training we need to that as a premium service... once I see how much training you need, or do not need, I will submit an offer.