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I would like to find out product dimensions 24VNA9,

Customer Question

I would like to find out product dimensions for Carrier 24VNA9, Central air conditioner., for 4 ton and 3 ton unit. Is the height really only 31 inches high and decibel rating 56 ( the lowest setting.
Secondly between high end furnace compatible with this condenser , which brand is whiter Trane or Carrier.
Thirdly, which is a better method to install furnace in the attic, hung from rafters or put on platforms?
Fourthly I have two storey home . I have two attics. The ground floor is 2300 sq. ft. The second floor is about 1700 sq. ft. Everyone has different opinion as to what size of unit I need. One of the guy who looks knowledgable wants me to have 5 ton furnace and 4 ton condenser. He tells me the reason for condenser to be 4 ton instead of 5 ton is that there would be lot of load on 5 ton condenser. So 4 ton would be sufficient. It will be less noisier. He is Trane's certified dealer . May be his experience is based on Trane condenser units..
Please clarify my confusion.Thanks.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 1 year ago.
!st floor 4 ton second floor 4 ton.Between condensers Carrier is far better the best one to have. Less service calls on the system.The decibel rating on both units are very close. Carrier a little quieter. Trane furnace inside much noisier than Carrier.