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I have a package unit. The thermostat, I have on auto, fan

Customer Question

I have a package unit. The thermostat, I have on auto, fan on auto. At night the cooling is working fine. During the day, even though I have it set at 77, It doesn't seem to click on. Consequently it's 83 in here now. My thermostat is TCONT803/AS32 and just under the heat number is ***** word "WAIT" I don't recall seeing this. Below that is : "Following Schedule. Is the word "wait" the problem?
I had just gotten the "Lo battery" on the thermostat and replaced the 3 AAA batteries.
Heat is set 68 and AC is set at 78
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  airheatman replied 1 year ago.
The wait should go away after about five minutes.Is the wait staying all the time?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  airheatman replied 1 year ago.
The WAIT indicates that the thermostat is time delay mode. Anytime we switch between heat and cool, the thermostat has a delay built in to protect the compressor for short cycling. Can you put in manual mode (Over ride schedule ) and see if it comes on?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Even overriding it to manual still didn't work. Just for your info. We had storms last week, and I guess there were some power surges and the "wait" (during the daytime period) was FINALLY taken off. The AC is working fine now.
Expert:  airheatman replied 1 year ago.
Glad it is working. Let me know if it gives you any more issues.

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