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Gentlemen,I have a 5 ton and 2.5 ton Trane in my house

Customer Question

I have a 5 ton and 2.5 ton Trane in my house and humidity stays too high. How do I set up the system to take advantage of variable blower speeds to remove more humidity. My 5 ton pairs a @TWR4060A1000AA heat pump compressor with Electric heater blower TWE065E13FB2. The 2.5 ton heat pump is 2TWR4024A1000AA paired with upright electric heat blower 2TEE3F31A1000AA. Is making this change a setting type change or wiring adjustment? I have one of your Trane recommended local Contractors on the schedule, but have been a builder for 35 years and like to understand the basics myself. Can you assist with this question?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.
Hello, the short answer is that it an adjustment issue. The physics behind it are:- The less air flow across the cooling coil, the colder it gets and the morehumidity it removes... that is with a single speed heat pump unit. - If the system is slightly *undersized, it will run virtually all of the time, the cooling coil will be cold all of that time and you will get good dehumidification assuming that the air flow (fan speed) is not too high. - If the system is *over sized, it will run for a short period of time, cool the house down, but will not run long enough to dehumidify properly. Thats it more or less in a nutshell. That Trane model number is ***** coming up for me, can you tell me about how old the system is. Solutions involve: Slowing down the blower when the humidity gets above the set point in cooling mode. Some newer systems have that built in capabiltiy, most older systems do not.... but it can be added inexpensively. Tranes latest most advanced systems have variable capacity compressors, and variable speed blowers all wired through complex electronics to do that job... even running the system in cooling mode and the electric heat at the same time in order to dehumidify. If you can tell me the brand and model number thermostat used, and send me a photo of the wiring diagram glued inside the furnace blower compartment door, I can be more specific. The photo needs to be taken up close, straight on, in good light and very very well focused. You can use the paper clip icon on the right end of the tool bar above, or the 'attach files' link to the left of your send button to get the photo to me. This is step one, we can go from there.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I understand all of the basics of fan speed and water evacuation via the coil. My company does energy testing. Not knowing the knowledge base of your question asker, it was kind of you to make sure I understand some of the basics. The reason I sent the specific model numbers is that I found you under a link that said Trane specialist technical questions answered here. Previous service technicians have not been sufficiently prepared with specific knowledge when they come out. I wanted to avoid that this time. Unfortunately, you don't have the Trane model information to answer the question prior to today's technician arrival. Thanks for offering to get more info to answer my question. I do not want to pay for this response, as we could not get an answer to the question I asked.
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.
I can opt out if you like... good luck with the situation. I am however 75 years old, with 55 years in the business, a good many of those working with Trane and consulting trane on an few of their sticky little problems over the years. My experience ranges from 5 ton type systems to the multiple 1,000 ton systems found in sky scrapers, many projects in the 10 million dollar plus range... and for the US Dept of Energy ranging from their energy use initiatives to radioactive particle containment consulting at their nuclear weapons production facilities. It pleases me that you have noticed the accuracy of my step one orientation... it was an orientation and only step one as I noted.. I work at my own expense here, however it only cost me a few bucks of lost time to provide it to you. I offer to spend as much time with you, on an unlimited time basis including 3D CAD drawings, and full system calculations at my own expense as has been the case so far.... however all this is done in steps, and as I noted my initial orientation was only step one. Before I retired my billing rate was $125/hr... so this unlimited free time and scope offer is not such a bad deal. Let me know, we can go from there if you wish.... or if you think the plumber you called is capable stay with him on this issue. Your original note however indicated not such good luck with these and a parts changing mentality that you did not appreciate.