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I have a carrier comfort zone ii thermostat that is

Customer Question

I have a carrier comfort zone ii thermostat that is connected via a V+ and VG wire on my vacation rental. I would like to replace this unit with a wifi enabled unit. What are my options, or who do I need to call to make this happen?
JA: I'll do all I can to help. Is there anything else the HVAC Technician should be aware of?
Customer: In addition to the V+ and VG wire, there are 3 wires that are not in use - a Blue wire that was previously used, a Yellow Wire that looks unused and a white wire that looks unused.
JA: Our top HVAC Technician is ready to take your case. Just pay the $5 fully refundable deposit and I'll fill the HVAC Technician in on everything we've discussed. You can go back and forth with the HVAC Technician until you're 100% satisfied. We guarantee it.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

Can you take a picture of the thermostat or give me the model number?

Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

alright are you currently on? Ill be on most the night and we can talk about it?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Can we discuss in the morning? 10am?
Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

I will try my best. I am actually on call, So I could be called out and will be out working. If I am home ill be on!

Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

well alright, Bad news the thermostat is basically a 2 wire set up.... Which means its a communicating thermostat.

The one you have is basically the first edition of the 2 wire communicating made by carrier! The new ones that are wireless /communicating are similar but have usually 3-5 wires.

I haven't seen a model thats wifi that a 2 wire set up that can communicate....

TO make that happen its going to require quite a bit of changing wires around. You will need to gain access to a few parts of the equipment's control boards so I can see the wires coming into furnace and a.c

I install the new technology daily and will tell you if you can afford it and your equipment can handle it its worth checking into with your local hvac dealer, These arent home depot/lowes thermostats. There amazing.

Ill be on and off throughout the day so just reach out to me and ill try and respond :)

Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

Mike, did you read thru what I sent?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
What would it cost (ballpark) to retire the system. I don't need state of the art. A nest would be more that acceptable - just need to turn down heat or off the ac after guests leave the house.
Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

Retire the system completely like complete new system, That I can't help ya with.

Regarding if your talking about retire the thermostat and put in a wifi model and rewire things, That all depends on what your circuit board looks like at the furnace and how much your ok with re wiring things (If its possible)

A nest really isn't that great of thermostat, I go on more calls and see more complaints on any other thermostat!

If you were gonna go with any Sensi or a honeywell works great but you just gotta have the wires which you dont currently.

Getting back to the circuit board, SOME were set up to to be able to be wired by a standard thermostat or what you have a 2 wire communicating t-stat.

IF you can get a picture of that board for me where the wires hook up and just a picture of the board that will help me explain it better, BUT remember its going to involve rewiring somethings.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok. I won't be back at the house for a few weeks. I'll be in touch around April 17-18. -Mike
Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

Alright, Well do me a favor because it may time out before then, If you can at least log in sometime next week and just make a comment and Ill comment back just to keep it active.

Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.
Were gonna time out soon with this conversation. ..... not my rules just answer sees no activity so they will close the chat, if you at least respond to kEep it active so I still have a chance to make something on this ticket. ...
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi -
I had our caretaker take a picture of the control panel. They're attached. Let me know your thoughts.Mike
Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

Im thinking we can figure this out now, No ac off that thermostat correct?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
There is AC off the thermostat. It comes into the house and connects to the heat through 1 red and 1 white wire.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Also, it looks like this thermostat was installed by the power company a few years ago. I just don't know if they screwed up my ability to replace it.
Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

So at the thermstat you took pictures off control the ac as well?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It controls the heat and ac.
Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

yeah then were missing something on here on where things hook up. Because the 2 wires you showed on the thermostat is either 2 things. ONE being a communicating thermostat that goes to a circuit board at furnace that does the changing from a/c-furnace.

Two being a heat only thermostat which I thought thats what it was but its obviously not

Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

are you still needing help with this issue?

Expert:  Sean replied 1 year ago.

Has this been solved were going to time out the conversation soon

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