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I live in Houston and am considering preemptively replacing

Customer Question

Hi, I live in Houston and am considering preemptively replacing two old HVAC systems. One is for the main house, 1750 sqft. The second is for a 2nd level detached garage apartment, 640 sqft.I am looking for advice on what system is the best value for each. I have quotes from 2 contractors. In particular for the main house, is the two stage system worth the extra cost. The two stage systems quoted below are the ones with 4 tons. We plan to be in the house for another 2-3 years. Main difference between the 2 contractors is that Contractor B offers 10 years on labor whereas Contractor A only offers 1.Garage Apartment:
>Trane XR14, 1.5 ton, $5,783 (Contractor A)>Daikin, 1.5 ton, $7,361 (Contractor B)Main House
>Trane XR17, 4 ton, $8,965 (includes $1,365 in rebates/trade in) (Contractor A)
>Trane XR16, 3.5 ton, $7,496 (Contractor A)>Daikin DX16TC0481, 4 ton, $10,078 (contractor B)
>Daikin DX16SA0421, 3.5 ton, $8,401 (Contractor B)
>Daikin DX14S10421, 3.5 ton, $7,714 (Contractor B)
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  BillyHvac replied 1 year ago.


My opinion will be a bit jaded...I have been a Trane dealer...and also have installed the Daiken.

Service, ease of parts and knowledge to repair all goes to Trane.

Daiken is not bad but is not as service friendly as the Trane. Lose a compressor on a Trane and it is available likely same day. Daikin is more of a challange.

Daiken allows for better dealer cost less to the dealer than a Trane and you can mark it up more for a better profit margin.

Now the biggest factor....You can have good equipment but a poor install....the contractor and installation is critical. Since you plan on leaving in 3-4 years the 10 year labor is not a big sell point...

The contractor that appears to be more skilled...and the contractor that runs a manual J calculation for size is the best way to go.....I would side with Trane if the dealers are equally competent


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks Billy - what's your view on a two speed system? It's about $1500 more with rebates. Worth it for the extra cost?
Expert:  BillyHvac replied 1 year ago.

In northern states your area YES. Look at it as having 2 different ac when it is hot,,,and another to kick on when it is really hot. The savings is big on this in your only run a portion of ac when needed saving on engaging the entire system.

I am believer in the 2 speed in southern states...yes it is worth the extra