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New Carrier unit with variable speed installed 10 months

Customer Question

New Carrier unit with variable speed installed 10 months ago. When the furnace blower is running there is a high pitch intermittent noise, like a whirling noise that will also shake at times, is heard through the duct work. The noise starts about 5 seconds after the blower starts and will cycle on and off about 6 times during each time the blower runs and lasts for different periods of time (a few seconds to over 10 seconds). Tech was out and when the cover was off the noise there was a very loud higher pitch noise coming from the motor that he says is normal. He thinks the sound is heard through the duct work. However, with the cover off the sound is constant. When the cover is replaced you cannot hear the sound at the furnace but when you go upstairs the intermittent high pitch noise can be heard in all rooms but is loudest in the bedroom that is diagonal from the furnace.
House was built in 1989. Side split. In Minnesota.
In the summer when we started the AC there was a high pitch noise, that was heard through the duct work that was determined to be an airflow issue. (Tech said duct work was too small and suggested we put in another air intake duct). The tech changed the angle of the vent grill blades on several duct covers and the high pitch vibration noise went away. We then added 2 air intake vents off the furnace to help the airflow since there was only 1 intake in the basement, size 1156 sq ft. This is more of a whirling sound almost rattle, like something is about to take off, not a vibration.
The unit is also leaking a lot of water from the exhaust PVC piping. So much that the shelf in the furnace has a 2-3 inch rust spot and now water running onto the floor under the unit. The tech changed the direction of the exhaust pipe and resealed it 2 days ago and there is more water now than before. The tech comes back this afternoon.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Noticed noise through the vents, intake and output, downstairs as well.
Expert:  BillyHvac replied 1 year ago.

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