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I had a 35,000 BTU wall furnace in my basement that was

Customer Question

I had a 35,000 BTU wall furnace in my basement that was probably 30yrs old. I had a HVAC guy come out to look at it and he showed me about a 2.5 inch rusted crack in the heat exchanger. We also discovered rusted holes in the duct leading to the chimney. I immediately disconnected the unit. After looking at the back of the unit, I observed it to be vented at the top of the unit. There was an elbow attached at the top of the unit (immediate 90 degree turn) and the duct was run on about a 45 degree angle with two 90 degree turns before entering the chimney. I have a 5 yr old furnace which sits about 3 feet away from where the wall unit was, but in a different room. So my question is, I am unsure if I should replace the wall unit or if I should run another duct and vent from my main furnace to where the wall unit was. Would this be sufficient to heat approximately 750 square feet? There is already a duct and vent in the ceiling from the furnace, which does NOT seem to keep it warm enough. If a wall unit would be better, can you make turns with the duct work out of a top vented wall unit?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 1 year ago.

Yes you can make turns out of top of wall unit with no problem. Your instructions will tell you the number of elbows you can use. Also you could tun more duct from furnace to the room if possible. Does not seem you have enoubn vents or are flow going to room. Russ