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I have a G.E. air handler that is over 40 years old and I

Customer Question

Hi, I have a G.E. air handler that is over 40 years old and I want to keep it going for a little longer until we can get a new system. One evening I smelled something resembling burning electrical wire. after investigating I checked the basement and heard a buzzing noise coming from the air handler. Since the air handler is so old I called for an estimate for a replacement and after the sticker shock I decided to wait since we have a second air handler in the part of the house we spend most of our time in. Anyway I started looking at the thing and found the motor mounts on the blower motor were broken so I replaced the motor. the blower worked as long as the thermostat was set to run constantly(not in the auto position) I then replaced the blower relay and the blower would run on auto but no heat was coming out. so I stared looking at the contactor. and couldn't find an exact replacement so I found this 4 year old conversation from airheatman saying a modern sequencer could work. so to the main part of the question, there are six wires I'm guessing that the power lead from the transformer goes to the A connection I'm not sure where the b wire leads to, and power from the blower goes to m2 and m1 goes to the blower m4 is power in and m3 is to the heat source(I forgot to mention that our heat source was converted from heat pump to a hydronic system Polaris on demand hot water heater). I'm thinking m3 goes to the Taco pump attached to the water lines going into the heat coils. Am I on the right track?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  airheatman replied 1 year ago.

I am not real familiar with the hydronic system but I suppose the sequencer is enerigizing a solenoid valve on the pump.

In that case the M3 terminal would indeed go to the pump solenoid to send power to the solenoid the same as it would to a heating element.

Now one thing we would want to verify is if the solenoid is high or low voltage.If low voltage (24v), then we would want to take the low voltage wire that goes to sequencer coil to the valve.Do you have any pictures or wiring diagrams?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm sorry it took so long to reply, it's that time of the year:-) the pump itself look to be 115 volts however there is another relay to the sequencer with wires that look to be low voltage. I took some pictures I don't know how much they will help and I will send a link to the wiring diagram I have been using it's not an exact match but is similar (mine doesn't have multiple speeds or a blower switch. also I scanned a wire diagram for the polaris water heater pertaining to the pump wiring.I'm confused about the power leads one coming from the transformer is red and another coming through the transformer to a fuse is black I'm wondering where on the sequencer they should go?
Expert:  airheatman replied 1 year ago.

Not familiar enough with that to know for sur.I will open to other experts who may be.