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I installed an Argo hydronic floor heating system, I used

Customer Question

I installed an Argo hydronic floor heating system, I used black pipe for the entire manifold and oxygenated pec for my two loops. Argo supplied all the fitting and black pipe for the installation. The system work great. So wouldn't ya know it the homeowner had another heating contractor to look at the system. I told the owner another contractor is always the worst critic. Though the Argo boiler is cast iron the plumber tod the owner I should have used copper. He also said I should have backflow preventer even though the Calieffe filling unit has a check valve. I have not to date seen a backflow preventer installed in a low pressure hydronic system with a 30 lbs. relief valve. Would appreciate you I put regarding the black pipe and need for a backflow preventer. Thanks Jim
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

Hello, copper would have been better, but if you add suitable water treatment,and fit electrolytic unions between the black iron any of the copper components, and Califfe can recommend the water treatment, then black iron pipe will be just fine.

Calgon makes a wide range of water treatment chemicals for boilers, they are broadly distributed, and dealer can help you specify what you need, or you can call calgon directly,

Lacking that the black iron pipe will develop pits near the connections to any copper attached to it.

Regarding back flow preventers, you need one in the city water make up line used to charge the system with water. double check valve type with vents... the check valves in the Califfe manifold are to insure water flow stays in the same direction when operating they do not protect the domestic water supply from contaminated back flow.

The double check valve back flow preventer is to prevent contaminated water from the closed heating loop from back flowing into your domestic water,

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Some municipalities are stricter than others on this issue, most are strict.

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