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Like the people above, I'm trying to decide what unit to

Customer Question

Like the people above, I'm trying to decide what unit to purchase. I have 2 companies that are quoting me Trane and one company is quoting Daikin. The lowest cost for variable speed condenser and air handler, 5 ton, 18 seer is 11,800 (Trane unit). The 2 stage condenser with variable speed air handler, 5 ton, 16 seer is $9,300 (Daikin) and $10,400 (Trane). Do I need a variable speed, 18 seer? I live in Phoenix, AZ and right now I have a 5 ton, 13 speed, single stage condenser and just wanted more efficiency and lower monthly bills. Any help you can give with this decision would be helpful. I need to make this decision in the next day! Thank you!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  airheatman replied 1 year ago.

The variable speed will definitely be quieter and more efficient. As for SEER ratings you can figure you will save about 10% on utility bill per SEER rating. So if you had a 200 dollar a month electric bill for ac with the 13SEER, your bill would drop to about 140 with the 16 SEER and to about 100 a month with the 18SEER.

My preference would efinitely be the Trane and as you can see, will pay the difference in a relatively short time

Expert:  airheatman replied 1 year ago.

I think Daikin is offering complete 12 year parts where Trane offers 12 on compressor and 10 on the other parts, my preference is still the Trane.