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Would you please give me instructions on how to remove and

Customer Question

would you please give me instructions on how to remove and replace the condensate trap (CT) . I already have a new one . I will be replacing the large , rippled , black hose , leading into the top of it for sure . the old hose is no good . I'm not sure
, if I need to replace the CT , but I saw a video where they can get all gooped up inside and I thought it might be a good idea . What exactly is the function of the CT . Are there any valves or switches in it . ( my question mark does not work on my keyboard
) It , of course , would be easier to just replace the hose . Should I just do that first and see if everything is then working OK . Since questions back and forth take response time , would you please give me instructions now on how to remove and replace
the CT . I am not quite sure how the unit slips in and out of the rectangular hole where it sits in the base of the flat metal sheeting where it is located . I would appreciate a response as quickly as possible because as a novice , I am not sure if I will
be able to reattach the hose in the back and then I will need to get someone in to assist me . Thank you . Ed Mueller
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Jason Whatley replied 1 year ago.

Hi my name is ***** ***** I'm here to help you out. Rarely do you need to replace the condensate traps- they just get dirty and can be flushed out with water. There are no switches or anything in it, it just traps the water in it (much like a sink p trap) to keep air from sucking into the drain from the inducer motor and allows water to drain freely. These generally have one screw (Or just a piece of plastic that snaps it into place) that will hold it into place. If there are no screws, find the plastic tab, gently depress it and lean the trap to one side and pull out. The hoses will take a little bit of patience fiddling back in there with a pair of needle nosed pliers to put the clamps on. I'm guessing the accordion style hose wore out and was leaking water(very very common problem with the weathermakers)