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Scotsman Prodigy machine makes ice but won't harvest it

Customer Question

Scotsman Prodigy machine makes ice but won't harvest it
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  shaithus1 replied 1 year ago.

Hi.. let me see if I can help... long harvest times can be caused by 1. dirty evaporator... needs cleaning....2. no harvest assist... check harvest assist solenoid.. 3. bridge thickness to big... check and adjust bridge thickness.. 4. ice machine in a room that is has too cool ambient temperature.... raise temp in room (most unlikely cause)...

1. To test ice thickness sensor... test using the controller's indicator light. Observe the Ready to Harvest light. Shut the machine off. Use a wire to connect the metal part of the ice thickness sensor to the evaporator or simply remove the ice thickness sensor and touch is metal surface to the metal control box wall. The Ready for Harvest light should go ON.

2. Test with an ohmmeter by disconnecting electrical power. Open the control box cover. Unplug the ice thickness sensor lead from the controller. Connect an ohmmeter lead to the ice thickness sensor lead, touch the other ohmmeter lead to the ice machine chassis. There must be an open circuit. If there is continuity, the sensor must be replaced. If there is not continuity, touch the ohmmeter lead to the metal part of the ice thickness sensor. There should be continuity. If open, check the ice thickness sensor for scale build up. clean and recheck. If still open, replace the ice thickness sensor.

3. Test the controller's ice thickness sensor circuit by connecting a wire from J10 to ground. reconnect electrical power. The ready for harvest light should go ON.

What is the indication on the control when the unit makes ice but wont harvest..?

Testing the harvest assist......1. Test using the controller's indicator lights. Push and release the harvest button. The hot gas indicator light will be on. At the same time the harvest assist solenoid or motor will be powered. If the ice on the evaporator in thin, the ejection pin will extend. If the ice is nearly full sized, the pill press against the ice unit it releases from the evaporator, then the pin will extend. If the pin extends, the solenoid or motor is good. If not, do a voltage check.

Unplug the high voltage harness from the harvest assist solenoid. Attach a voltmeter to the harness connector. Push and release the harvest button. There should be full voltage at the connector.

If there is and the solenoid does not extend normally.. replace the solenoid. if full voltage is not present, check voltage at the controller. If there is no voltage, check voltage from the controller to ground. The hot gas/harvest assist pin is 5.

If there is voltage from that pin to ground, but low voltage at the solenoid harness connection, the harness has a broken wire or poor connection and must be replaced. If the voltage to ground is low, the controller should be replaced.

Let me know what you find... thank you for using.. Just Answer


Customer: replied 1 year ago.

the information provided did not fix the problem

Expert:  shaithus1 replied 1 year ago.

Reeally.. slow?.... question was responded to 1.5 hrs after it was submitted... I asked you to let me know what you found... you took your sweet time getting back to us.... these were guesses on what could be the problem... Im not there at the machine... so I have to rely on your responsiveness... perhaps you dont know that we do this as side jobs... we are not sitting in a cubicle waiting with baited breath for you to ask us a question... I work full time doing this very work.... have been doing it for over 15 yrs... but without being able to see the control, put my hands on the machine, use a multimeter myself... I have to rely on your help....

I understand if you dont want to pay.. happens all the time... my suggestions work, and the deadbeat doesnt want to pay for it... thats cool... like I said... this is a side gig for me....

I wish you all the best and have a happy thanksgiving....