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I have a Evcon heater in my house.It has a large blower fan

Customer Question

I have a Coleman Evcon heater in my house.It has a large blower fan and an electronic heating coil type element that heats up and the blower fan blows the heat through the house.Yesterday I installed a Honeywell RTHL2310 thermostat and on the thermostat there is a selector switch to switch on for use for one of these:Gas or Oil heat (for systems that control the fan in a call for heat) and the other option to switch it to is Electric or Heat pump (this system allows the thermostat to control the fan in a call for heat if the fan wire is connected to the G terminal).
It does have the G wire but the old system didn't have this switch to pick in between the control and the old thermostat was also installed by me about 12 years ago.Well I switched the new one to the Electric or Heat pump being as I believe my heat is electric.The problem is that it works really well meaning when it kicks on the fan runs immediately at high power blowing more air then ever which works great but the old system use to delay the fan from turning on then when the fan did turn on it slowly started to spin and didn't blow as much air.I like it the new way but the fan is much louder now.
My question is what position do i put this switch in.If it is in the electric or heat pump selection since the fan blows harder and immediately will this damage my heating system at all or weaken the blower since it was operating much weaker previously.
On a side note here,when I do switch it to Gas or Oil it turns the fan on just like it worked with the old thermostat.Any help is appreciated.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

Hello, the old system used low speed fan for heating and reserved high speed fan for cooling... this new thermostat is putting the fan into high speed mode in heating. If that is comfortable for you, there is no problem with it otherwise.

You can try either electric heat or heat pump mode...without liability, use the mode that works for you.

Regarding your side note: You need not switch to gas or oil, as those control algorithms are different than for electric or heat pump mode.... if that setting provides the function you want (low speed fan on heating) there is no harm in it. All of the furnace safeties remain in tact.

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