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American Standard Freedom 90: Heating not working

Customer Question

I recently moved into a new house this week and today my HVAC unit doesn't seem to be working. The unit is on and is blowing air but it's not heating up. The gas stove isn't working either. I am a new homeowner and new to dealing with HVAC units. I read about issues online and it seems that the problem i am facing is something that people face time to time. Trying to figure this out on my own.
It's American Standard Freedom 90 Single stage unit
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

Is this is a newly built home or not? If it is, it is still in warranty. So far however, since the gas stove is also not working, it sounds like the gas has not been turned on, if that is the case the installer needs to be present to do a proper start up and flue gas test on the furnace before you use it.

Let me know if you have any trouble getting ahold of the builder that is that case, we can go from there.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The house was built in 2007. We've lived here for 3 days so far and the gas stove was working initially. It suddenly shutoff and I can't light it up. I tried to increase the heat to see if that works and it hasn't been working either. But earlier (2 days back) heat was working as well. Do you think it's a gas connection issue? I called National Grid earlier and they said that the gas connection was on (although they did not visit to check)
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

About the only thing that would cause both the stove and furnace to go off at the same time is a bad gas meter, or someone has turned the gas cock off at the meter, or much less likely, behind the stove and at the gas line entering the furnace.

That needs to be verified first, ask the gas company come out and do that for you. We can go from there without a time limit.