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I had a Ruud heat pump installed on 10,2013. It has been a

Customer Question

I had a Ruud heat pump installed on 10,2013. It has been a piece of junk from the start and I am still fighting it. My installer had to put refrigerant in for summer for cooling and take some out for winter so we had heat. I finally got so frustrated I hired another company. They said the “A” coil was too small for the outside unit. I had to pay them $800.00 dollars for a larger size. This was after paying $4000.00 for the whole unit. That cured some of the problems. Now when I set my thermostat to 72 degrees, the heat goes off at about 71 and a half degrees and the blower never shuts off. With the blower never shutting off, the heat never comes back on.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.


I will have to ask you a lot of questions, if you can answer them we have a good chance of sorting this out for you.

Tell me what happens after the heat pump shuts but the blower keeps running... there are some fine details I need here. 1. how far does the house cool off and how long does it take. 2. Does the outside unit stay off after that. 3. What do you have to do in order to get the heat back on, and does the outside unit run after you do that.

I am asking because these systems use the outside unit for heating and also if that fails have back up electric heat...I need to sort that set of details out.


Next tell me what the $4,000 bought you, all new duct work, air handler or furnace, and the heat pump outside? or just some of that.