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Thermostat installation questions

Customer Question

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Daniel Plourde replied 1 year ago.

hi, I am dan I can help you with this. what questions do you have

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have 2 zone heating on my 2nd floor. I had 2 old honeywell manual dial thermostats. One in the master bedroom that had a heat/cool on off switch and one in the guest bedroom that had temperature control. If you turned the heat on in the thermostat in the MB, then you could adjust the temperature control in the guest bedroom using the guest bedroom thermostat. You could not control guest bedroom temperature with thermostat without the master being on.I bought 2 honeywell programmable thermostats and I need help with installation. The one in the MB has 6 wires - yellow, green, red, white, blue and orange. The blue and orange wires control dampers I am assuming. I connected 4 wires - the Yellow (Y), Green (G), Red (R) and White (w). I don't know what to do with the blue and orange wires.
In the guest bedroom, there were only 3 wires connected to the old thermostat, although there were more present. 3 Wires were yellow, white and red. I connected them to the new thermostat.So with the new thermostats on, I can get the heat to turn on in my master bedroom but no heat comes through to the guest bedroom. The dampers don't open. The thermostat in the guest bedroom says heat on, but nothing is coming out.I think the problem is the fact that I have not connected the blue or orange wire in the master bedroom thermostat. Please help me understand where to connect them.
Expert:  Daniel Plourde replied 1 year ago.

ok I can help you with this but it may be quite involved. from that wiring I assume you have an EWC zone system correct? also lets start with what thermostats are you trying to use. not all thermostats work with zoned systems

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i am trying to use the honeywell rth6450. I don't know if I have a EWC zone system. What is that?
Expert:  Daniel Plourde replied 1 year ago.

EWC is a manufacturer of zone controls. the dampers and controls are probably made by ewc. do you see a control panel like this anywhere around the furnace or anything that says ewc