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Can I wire the W(heat) to the G(Blower) on the thermostat

Customer Question

Can I wire the W(heat) to the G(Blower) on the thermostat with the Fan mode set to Auto? Will the blower be called to activate based on the temp or is it called on the board from the W(heat) activating.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 2 years ago.

Yes if you wire the W and G together you will get a fan on call for heat. You have to be careful if you turn fan to on it will call for heat also. Most thermostat have a selector you can choose electric or gas. Check back of thermostat. Select electric and it will bring fan on when calling for heat. Russ

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The W is wired to the G terminal. I know that putting Fan to ON calls Heat as I am currently using that but as you mentioned that's 24/7 heat. I have a Gas furnace controlled by the 7 day WiFi programmable Honeywell. If I tell it I'm on an Electric furnance rather than Gas it will then call Fan (G) on by the temp thus calling Heat(W) that's wired into G? I'm trying to avoid spending 150 again on a thermostat the terminal for W was broken but I waited a year before installing.
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 2 years ago.

Sorry about getting back late. Wife had emergency surgery. Do not know which Honeywell thermostat you have but 6000 has a W2 for two stage heat about 1.5 degrees lower. If your W1 terminal is broken just use the W2. Model number of thermostat would help.Russ

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Product Number: RTH8580WF1007. I thought of W2 first but was told it wouldn't work (insert generic reason involving conductors n contacts).The furnace is a Lennox Elite G51MP-36B-070-70.Thank you, ***** ***** can wire up W2 to replace W that would be nice.Just in case it helps the coil box above is Lennox C33-25B-2F-3 and the board below with the blower is: ANSI 121.20 Automatic Ignition System 24VAC 60hz .5 amps. Looks like board 4 BD#4 model maybe 1194V0
Expert:  gotoman for ac replied 2 years ago.

Connect to W2. Go into installer set up 170 option 9. Retry heat. Russ