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Siemens, We are in the planning stage of building a large

Customer Question

We are in the planning stage of building a large plant to generate electricity with natural gas.
Our expectation is that this plant will be a combined cycle system using a gas turbine with heat recovery steam generation (HRSG).
We are aware that Siemens assembles generating units that provide thermal energy from HCSG for distribution by district heating systems. Can you provide us with examples of that? Two or three project descriptions would be appreciated. We realize that they will probably be about plants in Europe.
Beyond that we are also curious about Siemens interest in developing urban infrastructure that includes district heating and cooling systems. It would seem appropriate to include them in Smart Cities whose electricity comes from nearby generating plants. Denmark, for example, does not allow building such plants, if they do not include making a beneficial of any ‘waste’ thermal energy.
I would welcome a phone call for further discussion of this opportunity to increase energy efficiency.
My phone number is(###) ###-####
Hervey Scudder
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: HVAC
Expert:  Phil replied 1 year ago.

Hello Harvey, all of that is entirely viable, there are hundreds if not thousands of projects world wide, none of them will be entirely relevant to your particular scenario, all of these systems must be custom designed to suit the local conditions across a broad range of current utility costs, projected future utility costs. cost of money, scale-ability and countless other factors.

If you design a system for 100% co-generation and off the grid combinations the pay back can be in the 10 to 20 year range as compared to using existing utilities.... if you design for 50% of total capacity the payback can be 5 years or even less depending on the conditions... this is the key point, not often brought up, you will do well to take close notice of that.

Even scratching the surface of such a study will cost more of course than a simple $28 just answer.

If you appreciate my input so far and rate my input so far positively... we can go from there a bit. The company only pays me if you rate positively, lacking that I can spend days with a customer at my own expense, without any compensation.

Beyond that level I can submit an additional services offer that will include a phone call depending on how deep you want to get into this. Engineering rates for this kind of work you should know go for $175 an hour in the rest of the world not involved with Just answer, and I am limited here as to what I can submit an additional service offer for.

So that.... our discussion will be best limited to familiarizing you with the economics and physical systems dynamics of how all this can work together, including a few CAD drawings to clarify the issues.

Rate my work so far and we can continue fpr a bit.